3 de septiembre de 2013

Pequeño Vals - Marlango con Jorge Drexler

Nombre del CD Automatic Imperfection
Discográfica: Subterfuge Records

Marlango - Pequeño Vals (con Jorge Drexler)

would you mind if i just sit down here
and watch you dance that waltz?
it brings faith just to see
what two people can be
with a pattern
and a glass of bubbles

who can tell if the colour that i see
is the same for both of us?
who can say if the scent i smell
are the same for you and me?

your steps draw the milkyway
i see stars glowing in your footsteps

round and round
and a round building
a milkyway for me

Actuación en directo de la canción con Jorge Drexler

Otras colaboraciones 

Coque Malla de su disco Mujeres Con Leonor Watling

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